Every time you break your fast, you can have your fruit and eat it too!

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"Doing it for the dopamine."

Modern life seems designed to constantly do it for the dopamine. And not just from food. From sex (especially porn, masturbation), entertainment, social media. We are enslaved by that constant pursuit of the next dopamine hit. Clearly makes us easier to control.

But specifically in the case of food, fasting (which is far less profitable) really is the antithesis of the snacking, dopamine hit pursuit mindless form of eating. Even the "3 Meals a Day" structure seems contrived by Big Agro. Moden Man eats far too often, and as.a.result gets fat, sick, lethargic, depressed and disconnected from higher, more spiritual modes of being.

Fasting spiritualizes our food, makes it taste better because we're truly hungry, and makes us more aware of what we're eating, when we're eating and how we're eating.

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I get it.

Do you think we're wrong to view eating as pleasurable? Is that spiritually detrimental?

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Thanks for sharing your experience. I like the idea of Original Sin being literal: "Don't eat the apple."

I have two little kids at home, so feeding them is something I do often. But if I eat with the same frequency as them, no matter how healthy what I consume is, my belly and face fat never go away.

The last 2 months I went back to strict observance of intermittent fasting. In my case, no food before 6pm with roughly a 4-hr eating window. Then when I do eat, I don't stress about carbs, get a lot of pleasure out of whatever I eat, and the weight comes off because overall caloric intake is so much lower.

Of course I often get hungry during the day, but I like the challenge and spiritual benefit of the fast.

So for me, strict intermittent fasting checks all the boxes (in no particular order): weight loss, spiritual discipline and pleasure.

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