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DDD Gets Taken to the Cleaners

DDD Gets Taken to the Cleaners

RotoWire's Chris Liss and Yahoo Sports' Dalton Del Don discuss the FSTA conference, Liss' FSTA draft, T.Y. Hilton, Josh Gordon, Odell Beckham, Tarik Cohen, Chris Hogan, Mark Ingram, Jay Ajayi among other players, They also talk toilets, DDD's trip the the French Laundry, Liss' cider blackout, DDD's withdrawal of his likeness for the Nutless Monkey account, Jeff Erickson's Nutless Monkey moment, how DDD got stiffed by the World Championship of Fantasy Football, the founders of which won the "Game Changer" award, Liss' ping pong loss, why Liss drafted a kicker and defense before the last two rounds and taking a client out to a crappy restaurant.

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